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What is it that makes installations by Image Works Media Inc unique from other branding shops?  Well for starters we have over 300 facilities nationwide, and they are all at your disposal thru us!


Since the late 1980’s, we’ve been developing a national network of vetted installation professionals across the country.  Over the decades we’ve utilized hundreds of highly skilled graphic installers from virtually every metro area in Canada and remote locations too.  So, you could go to anyone of them individually, OR you can come to use and get them ALL at your fingertips.  This is how we offer national coverage with local service.


Included with every installation is our full coordination service.  Here’s how it works:

  • You provide us your fleet locations and driver contact details

  • We pair your fleet unit to one of our nearest installation facilities

  • We negotiate network pricing, arrange shipping, and oversee the schedule

  • We review the application process to ensure quality and compliance

  • We provide routine reporting of program completion


All your fleet drivers do is deliver the vehicle clean, on-time and simply drive away when done.  No money changes hands between your drivers and our installers.


That’s it!  And the best part is this does not cost any more.


Would you like to experience the pleasure and simplicity of National coverage with Local service?  Contact us now to help with your next fleet brand or rebrand.





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